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Nordic Walking is the fastest spreading outdoor sport not only in our city, country, Europe, but also in the world. The number of athletes to March with poles has a few million people.

It turned out that also in our Ostrów Wielkopolski County University of the third age, we have many enthusiasts of this type of activity.

Nordic Walking makes both walking and leisure sports walking becomes more efficient. During the March, are extensively involved back muscles, shoulder girdle and upper limbs. With proper application of the technique of walking muscles the body alternately tense and relax. In addition, trained abdomen pośladkowe muscles and the spine. Compared with the sports car the total weight of the active muscle increases during the March from the poles to the 90% and energy consumption is greater, on average, by 20%.

 The result is that the practice of Nordic Walking is more effective without additional load on the joints of the spine and lower limbs.